Academic Papers is a wonderful resource when it comes to academic papers. They show the latest papers out there, and favour papers that come with an open-source implementation for reproducibility!


NIPS is one of the most revered machine learning conferences in the world. Every year, field-altering papers are published there.


JMLR is a prestigious conference which publishes great papers every year. Their papers are also grouped by topics, making it easier to browse through them.


ArXiv is a website run by the Cornell University Library which contains loads of scientific papers. It is important to remember that many papers that weren’t selected by conferences are also on the website.

Top 20 papers (2017)

KDnuggets curated a list of 20 important papers including the original papers for dropout or batch normalization for instance.

Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp

This paid Udemy course has a particular focus on the use of Python libraries in machine learning. This is a great resource for someone who wants to become more employable.


PMLR is a website that gathers proceedings from many different machine learning conferences