200+ tutorials

This Medium article written by Robbie Allen contains more than 200 tutorials on machine learning, NLP, and Python. This list is updated every year.

Tensorflow's tutorials

Tensorflow offers a broad range of tutorials. They are a good way to learn machine learning and to get familiar with the Tensorflow framework.


Scikit-Learn offers their own tutorial on how to perform machine learning with their library. Great way to get to know the library. Good to know that each model in Scikit-Learn comes with practical examples.

Analytics Vidhya

Analytics Vidhya offers a curated list of machine learning tutorials. There are also plenty of tutorials spread across the website.

Pytorch's tutorials

Though they are firstly meant to be used as a way to get familiar with the framework, Pytorch’s tutorials help to understand many important deep learning concepts.

Machine Learning Mastery

Machine Learning Mastery offers a complete list of tutorials to get started with machine learning. Their tutorials contain step-by-step implementations and have a practical focus.


Tutorialspoint offers a lot of great content, including machine learning. They have a practical and code-centric approach.